A Reminder of Love…


A Reminder of LOVE
Written by Hun / Lifestyle / February 15, 2016
Love makes us smile, giggle and rejoice in every little moment we share together. Love is undeniably the source of happiness and harmony in life. The sad part is that very often we tend to overlook these relationships by getting involved in temporary pleasures. What we fail to understand is that love is meant to be cherished and nurtured. Subtle Whisper online shop surely evokes these thoughts with their loving sets of gifts.

Love doesn’t require any huge efforts but only subtle whispers to keep it growing. Sometimes a simple text can be enough or just a flower picked from a field to convey the message of love. You can also choose to go the extra mile to show your love through gifts or simply by spending quality time together. Subtle Whisper beautifully crafted some of these presents which I call love reminders, along with a touch of luxury.

Here are a few ideas to ignite the love in your relationship:

A champagne party with your love
Is there anything more romantic than sipping a glass of champagne with your lover in an amorous atmosphere? No need for any fancy restaurant, a cozy spot at your place is more than enough. You just need an exquisite champagne, two Champagne flutes (get yours from Subtle Whisper), some roses on the table and a romantic background music (also a nice dinner cooking in the oven meanwhile). This is what we call quality time!

A bubble bath for two
Things getting pretty hot here! Surprise your love with the bath tub perfectly adorned with roses and candles. Let the warm water flow in with the foam and allow your significant other to get impressed by it after a tiring day at work. It might sound cliché but there is no way he/she will not appreciate. Love hides in the little things you do for each other and it’s up to you to see it.

Tips: Scented candles is all you need to set the atmosphere! Nothing more relaxing than the sweet aroma of vanilla and musk fragranced candle from Subtle Whisper.


A lazy and comfy day at home
Going out on a date with your love is sometimes overrated. Plan your date at home, just the two of you. Learn to be in the company of each other and treasure these moments. Get into your gowns and have a lazy Sunday, leaving phones and laptops behind. Watch a romantic movie, listen to some good acoustic music, cook together and laugh together. Just have fun! This will surely bring back the sparks!

The Luxury Velour Hooded Dressing Gowns from Subtle Whisper is perfect to stay comfy!

A reminder of love