Fathers Day 21st June 2015!!!


Finding it difficult to find that special gift for that special man you call “Dad”… A great gift idea from a Subtle Whispers… In the Just ‘Homme’ section, a great dressing gown that won’t be as great as the hugs you always give but will be a warm reminder when you’re not nearby to give him a real one!

For all the times they are the solid rock we lean on and the big soft bear we cuddle up to, our Fathers deserve recognition!


Mr. Man…

He is… One half of my creator

It took for a binding so passionate to produce me


I exist because of two individuals that nurtured a concept

That with love

I would come

That I would blossom


And so I owe it to ‘Golden’ and ‘Mr. Man’…


Mr. Man

My Star

My Adonis

My Idol

My Creator


I loved you for creating me

For making me the person I am

At birth you held me and kept me safe from the dangers awaiting me in the world


At the height of your knee, you were my everything… That provided for me and couldn’t do for wrong

At shoulder height, a young woman… No longer dependent on being fed but the kind of nourishment given when you first held me



My Mr. Man…

I miss you

I love you

My Mr. Man… My Father!




By Ms. Lucy Dee

An Ode to my late Father…