Lift Your Lockdown Spirits

A little treat can lift your spirits in the current un-social climate…


Here are some of our tried and tested tips to stay positive


Plan to Relax…

While working from home has become the new normal and many of us are tapping into our unknown skills of teaching and keeping everyone in the house occupied, it is important to plan downtime.

Running yourself a bath with scented candles that help to de-stress, unwind and soothe the soul can reset a tired muscles and restless mind from the days activities.


Keep your well-being…well….

With gyms closed for the foreseeable, keeping active is important for the mind. Regular exercise can boost your immune system, can alleviate stress, improve memory, aid a better nights sleep and generally elevate your overall mood.

Even if your make-shift gym consists of running around the garden with your dog, swinging your kettle bell in your living room or simply attempting Joe Wicks weekly P.E. lessons, exercising is one of our favourite ways to lift our lockdown spirits!



Connect & Communicate….

With not being able to physically spend time or interact with others, staying connected is a great alternative. With so many ways to stay connected, taking and sharing pictures keeps family and friends involved and lets them see how you are doing.

Create opportunities to connect with old friends and family that you haven’t had time to catch up with during our usual busy schedules. Have virtual dates that enable rekindling and reigniting long lost relationships with family and friends can be just the boost needed to keep the lockdown blues at bay.