Subtly Whispering Candle…

Written by guest blogger –  Shivani Yadav from Critic Corner
Subtly Whispering Candle
Who doesn’t like candles? I really like them and I’m pretty sure you also love. And even if you don’t have a particular attraction towards them, I’m 100% sure you like good smell (now THAT everybody likes).
So, a UK based brand called Subtle Whisper sent…. me a sample of their candle and it was just perfect.
First of all, the packaging was adorable. With a personalized ribbon tied over crisp white paper, which by the way I took a good amount of time to fantasize over!

Inside was a beautiful candle in a small bottle, which my best friend is going gaga over. The candle which is of vanilla flavor smells like heaven. And judging from their gorgeous website I had high hopes from them and well, they exceeded it easily!

I highly suggest Subtle Whispers to everyone reading this. Go ahead and click here to check out their website.

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