Wedding Season; Five Quick Tips about Wedding Gifts!


1) Try to get a gift that celebrates their love, even if the gift list has enough kitchen appliances to make you think they are opening a shop… Subtle Whispers are great for celebrations of ‘love’, say Congratulations with our Luxury Couples Waffle Dressing Gown Set!

2) More than one wedding to go to? Tight budget but need great gifts with a touch of sentiment… From our Eternal Whispers Collection, our bespoke candles will set the right mood for these loved up couples. With three scents to choose from, they will be in eternal bliss…

3) Give a gift you would love to receive! After all you’re at their big day, that is to celebrate ‘love’… If you love what you’re giving them, they’ll most likely love what they have received… Unless it was already on their Wedding Gift list and you just happen to like it too!

4) Not sure what the couple are like? Or you’re unsure what they are in to? From the Subtle Whispers Subtly Bourgeois Collection, a pair of elegant Champagne Flutes for the couple to toast their union, or a beautiful Carafe that has a hint of sentiment which will make your gift stand out from the crowd. Either way you’re sure to find a perfect present that the loved up couple will truly enjoy!

5) If the ‘happy’ couple happen to be a fussy pair, stick with the safest bet, a lovely card with vouchers from a large well known department store! Everyone’s a winner!